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130+kg woman smothers boyfriend to death with her stomach fat




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A in Pennsylvania heard yesterday that a 44-year-old woman weighing over 130 kg murdered her by smothering him with her stomach fat during an argument.

According to the prosecution, the accused, Windi Thomas, hit her boyfriend with a table leg and stabbed him in the hand and head before lying on top of the victim, using her stomach to prevent him from breathing.

The victim, 44-year-old Keeno Butler, died from suffocation.

Thomas’ defended lawyer, Mark Del Duca, has claimed that was not his client’s intention to kill the victim.

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Del Duca claims that a drunk Thomas accidentally killed Butler after passing out on top of him. He added: “The actual cause of is she collapsed on him and he basically died of suffocation.”

Thomas claims that she awoke later and called the herself, realising what she had accidentally done.

The prosecution, however, pointed out the other injuries Butler suffered at the hands of his prior to his death.

Thomas pleaded guilty to the in the Erie County yesterday and agreed to a recommended sentence of 18-36 years in jail depending on behaviour.

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She will return to court for sentencing on 21 Dec.

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