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15-year-old mutilated, beaten to death and dismembered by teenagers who forced her into prostitution after client complained




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A 15-year-old Chinese girl named Lui Yu was reportedly mutilated, beaten to and dismembered by a group of six teenagers, between the ages 14 and 17. Local news publications reported that the culprits murdered the girl whom they had forced into prostitution after a client had complained.

Lui Yu, has been described as an “introvert” and a good student, disappeared after she left her home in the city of Shenmu in northwest on 22 Sept. According to the News, her father reported her disappearance to the ten days after she vanished.

Six teenage boys have now confessed to murdering the girl on 23 Sept, a day after she had disappeared. She died nine days before her father made the police report.

The teenagers reportedly took Lui Yu to a hotel for before beating her to death with a brick. The , which ended with her body being carved up and buried nearby, was reportedly triggered when the client Lui Yu had been prostituted to complained.

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Lui Yu’s frantic father, who had been searching for his for weeks, was left devastated when the police called him last week confirming that they have found a body. Revealing that he was barely able to recognise his ’s body, Lui Yu’s father said:

“The body was dismembered. Police made a DNA test and are still waiting for the results.”

Police investigations are ongoing.

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