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2AM’s Im Seulong involved in fatal accident

Im Seulong hit a pedestrian was crossing the road.




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2AM member was involved in a fatal car crash recently. His agency, Jellyfish Entertainment had released an official statement about the ill-fated incident.

The agency sent their deepest condolences to the victim’s family and that they hope the victim rests in peace.

Im Seulong was driving his car in the rain on August 1 when the happened. Im Seulong hit a pedestrian was crossing the road. Immediately after the , Im Seulong took emergency measures onsite. Unfortunately, the victim died while being taken to the hospital.

The singer was questioned by the police according to protocol and was sent home afterwards but he was in a state of shock. The details of the incident cannot be revealed yet as the police investigations are underway. Im Seulong’s agency apologised to the victim’s family. They also asked forgiveness from fans for what happened. On August 4, police confirmed that Im Seulong was involved in a car accident in the late hours of August 1.

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The Seoul Seobu Police Station said that the singer was driving his SUV on a road in Eunpyeong, Seoul at 11:50 p.m. KST as was raining when he struck a man who was crossing the road even though the pedestrian signal light was red. The man was taken to the hospital but passed away shortly from his injuries.

Im Seulong accidentally hit a jaywalker in a car crash. Picture:

The Seoul Seobu Police Station stated, “We are currently in the process of investigating the accident. is true that the person passed away after being hit by Im Seulong’s car while he was jaywalking. However, we are still investigating the details of the situation and whether Im Seulong violated the Road Traffic Act.”

The singer was questioned by the authorities after the accident but he will be called in at a later date for more questioning.

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The Seoul Seobu Police stated, “Im Seulong was not driving under the influence, but we are investigating other possibilities, such as speeding. However, it is difficult for to say anything at this time as the investigation is currently underway. We ask for your understanding that we cannot reveal details regarding the investigation.”

When reached for comment, Im Seulong’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment cautiously stated, “We are currently in the process of confirming details regarding the accident involving Im Seulong. Once we have a full understanding of the situation, we will release a statement.” /TISG

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