Asia Singapore 37-year-old married woman jailed for eight months for stabbing 'boyfriend' in the...

37-year-old married woman jailed for eight months for stabbing ‘boyfriend’ in the chest

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The woman, a Chinese National and Singapore Permanent Resident, had known her ‘boyfriend’ for four years at the time of the crime.

A married woman who regarded a man as her boyfriend stabbed him in the chest with a kitchen knife because he talked to other women. They both quarreled loudly with each other before she attacked him.

The 37-year-old Chinese national, Sui Shiyinghui, pleaded guilty on 16 March to one count of stabbing a person and was sentenced to eight months in prison by a judge.

The defendant is a local permanent resident, and the 39-year-old victim Wang Ning is also a local permanent resident of Chinese nationality. The two had known each other for four years at the time of the crime. They were close friends and met once a week. The defendant was married and regarded the victim as her boyfriend, but the victim did not believe the two were boyfriend and girlfriend.

According to the case notes, on August 23 last year at about 7pm, the victim invited friends to his house for dinner to celebrate his birthday. At about 8.30pm, the accused came uninvited and went to the victim’s house to question him because he was talking to other women. Before that, the defendant drank seven cans of beer.

The victim and the accused went into the bedroom to speak, and the two had a conflict and quarrel. After a while, a friend of the victim walked into the room and separated them. But the defendant continued to scold the victim in foul language and shouted at the victim. The victim asked the defendant what she wanted, and the defendant told the victim that she wanted him to die. The victim said that if the accused was angry, she should stab him.

After the defendant heard this, she walked into the kitchen and took a kitchen knife with a nine-centimeter blade. The victim’s friend saw this and immediately stepped forward to stop the defendant. But the accused charged at the victim and stabbed him in the upper left chest. After the defendant stabbed the person, she let go, and the victim pulled out the knife. The the victim’s friend called the police.

According to the medical report, the victim had a 2cm wound under the underside of the left collarbone. According to the School of Mental Health report, the defendant had no mental problems and was likely intoxicated at the time of the incident.

The prosecution alleged that the accused stabbed the victim’s left chest with a kitchen knife, which is a vulnerable part of the body. In addition, the defendant was intoxicated at the time, which is an aggravating factor.

The prosecution said that the defendant had no criminal record and pleaded guilty, and compensated the victim $1,000 for medical expenses afterwards.

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