Life Skills

Becoming a freelancer is not easy but there are life skills that you can learn to succeed. It takes so much discipline and the will to follow through on a task even without so much motivation or supervision.

But as you wade through the ocean of freelancing jobs, certain life skills are learned that can substantially help you as you go through life. These are:

Life Skills: Self-discipline

When you’re a freelancer, no one is looking over your shoulders, no boss, and nobody asking for daily progress reports.

This sense of autonomy is precisely the reason why you need to summon discipline for yourself. With too much freedom comes complacency, then you take things for granted, and for all you know, the deadline has passed and you haven’t started on the project.

So, the tendency is for you to hurry things up just so you can submit the work. And what’s the result of hurried work? mediocrity.

Time management

Timing is everything when you go freelance. Because there isn’t much external pressure, you set your timeline.

If you are a blogger and you want to update your blog and offer fresh, exciting content, you need to set deadlines. You create targets based on what you’d like to publish, and when.

But you also need to get out of the house and see people, read the news, and learn what’s new so that you will have something new to offer to your readers.

The time you spend on all these activities needs to be well-managed to meet your goals.


You need to wipe out distractions and other types of disruptions to your targeted productivity.

Whether you’re into designing, writing, or preparing for your next tutoring class, you’ve got to give 100% of yourself. If you are checking your Facebook or texting long messages after every 5 minutes, you won’t achieve the focus you need.


One of the life skills is to be flexible and it will help you in situations where you need to assess something and have to make a decision.

This is also valuable when you are seeking ways to broaden your horizons and your portfolio and seek out new opportunities and freelance trends.

Such flexibility will also allow you to take rush jobs from clients who need a task to be completed urgently, with a short and quick turnaround time.


Being a freelancer can be tough, especially at the start when your email inbox is full of rejection letters instead of interview invitations.

However, it is vital to not give up when the road is rough or has all sorts of obstacles. You have to be persistent and never stop looking for clients.

You only need one or two clients to notice you and give you a chance to prove yourself. Then it gets easier.

Remember, if you want to succeed as a freelancer, work on these 5 skills and you’re on your way to financial freedom!

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