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65-year-old Michelle Yim wows everyone with her youthful good looks




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Hong Kong — Besides fashion designer Vera Wang, who is 71, there is someone slightly younger who also wows everyone with her youthful good looks.

Actress Michelle Yim, who is 65, is as fit as a fiddle. People often praise Yim for her age-defying beauty and her latest photos show that she is also in good shape. On Oct 11, Michelle uploaded two sets of photos of herself showing off her fit body in bright clothes which she said help lift one’s spirits.

A healthy and active leads to a fit body. Picture:

Yim is an avid hiker like fellow Chow Yun Fatt and Carina Lau. She also likes jogging. Yim’s and her fellow keep gushing over how amazing she looks.

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“Omg! My hot mama,” wrote actress Eliza Sam, while our very own hunkle Zheng Geping, who worked with Yim on the Mediacorp dialect drama How Are You?, remarked in awe on how fit she is in both her posts.

Hong Kong media reported that Yim once shared her three secrets to maintaining her youthful looks.

Her first tip is to consume plenty of tonic soups. She drinks a lot of collagen-rich bone broths which are touted to be beneficial to the skin. Yim also eats a lot of antioxidant foods like tomatoes, blueberries and spinach, which are said to aid in the age-defying process.

The second tip is to be physically active. She once described as “the most  worthwhile in life” and said that “ can heal everything”. She seems to stick to that philosophy from the looks of her Instagram feed which is filled with outdoor photos. Yim and her often go running or hiking in different spots around Hong Kong and she shares about the best trails with her fans.

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Her third tip is to protect herself from whenever she heads out. Frequent exposure to harmful UV rays can age skin and form wrinkles. is also good to use more sunscreen.

She added that it is best to wear light make-up or none at all to give the skin some time to breathe and rest. /TISG

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