95 years in prison for ‘scary’ illegal alien who is MS-13 gang member

A 20-year-old woman was sentenced to 95 years in prison after pleading guilty to a long list of crimes she committed with the MS-13 gang in Maryland. Josselin Ramirez who entered the United States illegally from El Salvador, started her criminal career in El Salvador, where she was involved in ambushing and killing a police officer and a rival gang member.

She was only 13 when she drew policeman into the gunfire of MS-13 gang. Ramirez came illegally into the U.S.  in 2013 and settled in Temple Hills, Maryland, where she met up with her gang members and resumed her violent activities.

Among the crimes, Ramirez committed are half-a-dozen robberies in the area before being arrested in 2017. She pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy to commit armed robbery and three counts of participating in a gang-related crime.

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Ramirez only admitted to her crimes after photographs of her holding weapons used in the crimes emerged in the middle of her trial.

At her sentencing, Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge John M. Maloney noted that Ramirez could have left the gang life behind her when she came to the U.S.. She instead voluntarily rejoined a local branch of MS-13 and “embraced the lifestyle again.”

At the sentencing Judge Maloney told Ramirez, “You are a scary human being. You need to be housed away so you can’t harm others.”

President Trump has made MS-13 a symbol of a broken immigration system in the U.S. an has vowed to tackle the ‘violent animals’ of MS-13 with mass deportation.