Entertainment Celebrity A day before dying, Godfrey Gao complained of illness

A day before dying, Godfrey Gao complained of illness

Gao, 35 was the first Asian to be the face of Louis Vuitton, passed away while filming in the eastern city of Ningbo for China's Zhejiang Television.

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Godfrey Gao, the Taiwanese-Canadian model and actor who died of a heart attack recently complained of having flu a day before shooting competitive sports reality show Chase Me on China’s Zhejiang Television.

Gao’s hairstylist Kim Huang on social media said Gao told Huang he would be participating in the recording of a reality show in November on the 26.

Huang wrote that Gao had told him it was a programme that challenges one’s physical fitness and strength and that Gao was worried that he may not achieve what he set out to do.

Huang then said he encouraged Gao because the actor/model normally do exercises like playing basketball or gym training so the programme should not be a problem for Gao.

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Photo: Screengrab from Instagram

The actor/model told Huang that he would go back to Taiwan to see Huang again to style his hair because he would attend a wedding as the best man.
Huang added that one that day before leaving Huang’s studio, Gao smiled and said he was leaving first and that he would see Huang again on Thursday but things turned out differently.

Netizen Jun-Sheng Lai condemned Huang for not stopping Gao from participating in the programme.

Lai asked why didn’t Huang stop Gao and why Huang encouraged the actor/model to go. Lai added that it is very dangerous to do high-intensity exercise when one has a cold.

Another netizen wrote on Huang’s Instagram that Gao looked tired in the picture. Lee added that it was sad and very unfortunate.

In other news, screenshots have surfaced on social media showing conversations, believed to be between Zhejiang Satellite TV employees commenting on Gao’s death.

Reports say an employee wrote about a supervisor commenting Gao only looked good on the outside but died from running in one of the screenshots.

Netizens criticised the station after the screenshots went viral, saying the station was not remorseful over the incident.

Previously, the station said it would bear the responsibility for Gao’s death. The report said that to date, the station had yet to apologise over the matter.

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