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Health & FitnessA girl's acne prevented her from having sex. What is the treatment?

A girl’s acne prevented her from having sex. What is the treatment?

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A 29-year-old woman was in a lot of pain after her face and part of her body were badly affected by acne, which left a thick layer of pus and discharge on them.

That is the story of Mandy Nazé, 29, whose face, forehead, chest, neck, and back were severely damaged.

If you’ve ever had severe acne, you’ll understand how Mandy Nazé, 29, felt at times.

Mandy claims she was only 15 when she first developed acne in 2007. Doctors diagnosed her with nodulocystic acne after she had a severe outbreak of the illness.

A few months later, she discovered a groin cyst caused by a painful long-term skin condition that causes abscesses and scarring.

It usually appears near sweat glands and hair follicles, such as the groin, bottom, breasts, and armpits.

Difficult to deal with intimacy

Facing this condition, she told the media in the U.K. that it affected her relationship because it became difficult to deal with intimacy.

The most difficult aspect of this skin disease is its unpredictability. One never know when a new flare-up will occur, and when it does, you never know how long it will last, she said.

She adds that sometimes she had to cancel planned activities with friends at the last minute. This ended up cutting herself off socially because she can’t live the way she want for many years,

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“I couldn’t even wear the clothes I wanted to wear like jeans because they were too tight.

“My self-confidence was very badly damaged during the years I suffered badly from acne because I had to face the stares of people looking at my face and bust. The looks were derogatory as if I were dirty.

“I was afraid my abscesses, cysts and pimples would disgust my partner even though I knew he loved me.

Plant-based solution

However, following the failure of various treatments, she decided to embark on a self-care regimen that included eating healthily, taking cold showers, hot baths, and saunas, as well as switching her entire cosmetic and makeup routine to plant-based and healthy products.

She was diagnosed with various creams that did not help and was offered Accutane, which she refused due to its side effects.

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It wasn’t until her doctor told her about the Diane-35 pill, a treatment used on severe acne when other forms of medication had failed, that she discovered a product that helped relieve her symptoms.

But, after a decade, she abandoned the pill in favour of her naturopathic approach. And it seems it is working for her, at last. Good luck girl.

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