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A suicide letter uncovers a gruesome murder in Indonesia

A note was found on the body where the name of a woman was mentioned, and the note seemed to indicate that the writer may have committed a murder




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Police in uncovered a after they found a note on a 42-year-old widower. The police said people alerted them to the scene where they found a man who apparently committed .
The man, Wayan Sutarsa was found by passerby’s who thought he was in a state of seizure.
Since the man refused assistance, the passerby alerted the police.
Meanwhile, a second witness said he received a call saying someone was lying on the ground at the scene of the incident.
He went to the location to find that several people were already there with the man who was lying there.
He said he saw bleeding from the mouth of the person and heard the victim trying to mumble something or appeared to be snorting.
The man then slumped over and witnesses checked the victim’s pulse which they could not detect.
Police said there was no sign of trauma on the person’s body and would carry out an autopsy to determine the cause of death.
But after searching the body, they found a letter which appeared to be a .
In the note, the name of a woman is mentioned, and the note seemed to say the writer of the note may have committed a murder.
Police tried to locate the person mentioned in the letter and after an investigation, they found her address and her real name.
They went to look for the woman, Gusti Nyoman Suarningsih, but they could not get in touch with her. Her mobile phone was not activated.
Police suspected that Suarningsih was murdered after they found blood on a 1987 CK Daihatsu Xenia car.
A witness told the police there was a mound of earth behind his house which was not there before.
A few witnesses suspected the mound of earth, which looked like a fresh dugout replenished with dirt, was the scene of a crime linked to the suicide of Wayan Sutarsa, and reported to the police.
The mound was then inspected and a female corpse was found. The police identified the buried woman as Gusti Nyoman Suarningsih.
The body showed traces of multiple injuries. The police believe the woman was Wayan’s girlfriend. People who know them said they were dating for the last five years. -/TISG
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