Adhyayan Suman opens up about breakup with Maera Mishra, says 'won't let...

Adhyayan Suman opens up about breakup with Maera Mishra, says ‘won’t let anyone pull me down anymore’

Adhyayan Suman opens up about break up with Maera Mishra

India — Days after he said that he prefers not to wash ‘dirty linen in public’, actor Adhyayan Suman has spoken about his recent breakup with Maera Mishra. The former couple appeared together in a music video titled Peg Daariya, which released a few days ago.

In an interview, Adhyayan, the son of actor Shekhar Suman, said that he has been through much worse in life, and has had worse things said about him. Maera in an interview had said that Adhyayan changed as a person after they started living together.

Adhyayan told Bollywood Life that he doesn’t want to ‘read between the lines’ of her statement. “Whatever she said, I actually did not read anything between the lines. Whatever she said is absolutely her call, it’s not something that I want to counter because as she said ‘I’m a different person’, it’s not like I’ve changed, it’s just something that she felt, and as I said before, ‘We’re human beings, we change with situations and different situations make us a certain way.’ I’m at this point in life where I have survived and no matter what happens, I will not let anyone pull me down anymore,” he said.

He continued, “All I want right now in life is to achieve, achieve something so that I could make my parents proud. If I don’t do anything for them, it’d make me very sad – they’re my mother and father and so, may not expect much, but I’d feel very bad. So, I’m just on my journey of self-discovery, wanting to work hard – in this journey, people will come and people will go and somebody who’s meant to stay, one day, he or she will stay.”

Adhyayan said that it was ‘absolutely fair’ of Maera to go public about their breakup, which he said earlier had happened in November. He said that he believes ‘if your relationship is becoming toxic’ then the best course of action is for people to ‘go their separate ways’.

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Maera had earlier told a leading daily that she was ‘very serious’ about Adhyayan, and thought that he was the one. “Things failed to work out between us. I fell in love with a different man. Once I started living with him, I realised that he was quite different from what I had expected,” she’d said.

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