Entertainment æspa makes suicide joke: “I’m going to commit suicide if my phone...

æspa makes suicide joke: “I’m going to commit suicide if my phone drops,” Netizens find it inappropriate, insensitive & disappointing

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South Korea – Aespa Giselle’s recent use of the word “suicide” in a video has been deemed “inappropriate” by netizens. Giselle made a joke by saying, “I’m going to commit suicide if my phone drops,” as they approached the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

When she said it in Korean, she used the word “suicide” instead of “I would die if my phone drops” as shown in a Vogue released 8-minute video titled “24 Hours with Aespa” on their official YouTube page on Dec 11.

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Aespa’s day in New York is depicted in the video, starting with a meal at a café in Soho and ending with a trip to the Empire State Building to take photos. However, this has led to a backlash against the Vogue video for Giselle’s comment at the 3:41 timestamp.

Netizens questioned her choice of words, saying she spoke of suicide too casually and made a serious issue seem trivial. Several Korean online communities soon saw a rise in the number of shared videos, which sparked a fierce dispute among the community members.

  • “I really hate phrases like ‘I want to go to the Han River’ or ‘You can catch cancer’ so it’s really disappointing.”
  • “Although you may use these terms in private with friends, you should be careful when you are in front of the camera.”
  • “I’m really disappointed she speaks like that.”
  • “She didn’t even say, ‘I would die,’ she said ‘I would commit suicide.’ I wonder what kind of people she’s been hanging out with to speak in that manner.”
  • “Her speech was very insensitive, for sure.”
  • “That’s a really bad slang, I think she wasn’t aware they were recording the audio, that’s why she spoke about it comfortably.’
  • “Her image is ruined to me.”
  • “Suicide is no laughing matter. She should know better!“

A few supporters of the “Black Mamba” jam-maker rallied to her defence. This is how today’s youth speak, so it’s obvious why she would have done so.

  • “I understand, she’s young and young kids speak like that these days.”
  • “I think people would have a problem with anything she says.”
  • “I guess she didn’t realise how serious that phrase is since she’s not Korean.”
  • “Maybe she’ll never use it again.”

On the other side, Vogue’s editorial team was also criticized for not thoroughly vetting information before publication.

  • “I think it’s an issue she did phrase her sentence like that, but I think the video editor should have really edited that part out.”
  • “It’s true that Giselle was reckless, but I think the editing department is also at fault. Why don’t they censor it thoroughly before posting, even if they cut that part, it won’t affect the whole video.”

Furthermore, this isn’t the first time Giselle has found herself at the heart of a controversy over her comments. Back in October, while singing a pop song, she had apologised for using the N-word. Her statement of apology can be read here. /TISG

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