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An airport worker talked about the kind of passenger that was most irritating and hated by staff in general.

Flight attendant Anastasia Crunk, the airport worker who operates the check-in desk said that there were travellers who made their life especially difficult.

She put it in a Tik Tok video with the caption “How customers be when they arrive LATE for the flight.”

In the video she showed a mock conversation between herself and a passenger who comes up to the gate just moments before the flight is supposed to take off.

The passenger then gives the lamest of reasons for being late including “I had to get a Starbucks real quick” and “traffic was crazy”.

Airport worker Crunk

Crunk puts on a fake smile and says “I’m so glad you made it. Come on and board.”

The passenger then has the gall to ask for an aisle seat to which she replies, “We’re completely full tonight. If we had a little more time I’d try and see if we could do something for you but we’ve got to close up right now.”

Despite her obvious sarcasm the passenger fails to get the hint and retorts with “Right now? Do I have time to go to the bathroom?”

Her reply, “No, no no no. You can go to the bathroom onboard,”

Such is the nature of some selfish passengers. In other news, another flight attendant gives tips on what to do to passengers who are genuinely late and can’t help it. She tells her Tik Tok followers:

Advices from an Airport worker

“Always, always still go to your gate if your plane has not departed, or even if you’re a few minutes late. The reason being is there could be a delay and you could possibly get back on the flight.

“If you are late to your flight, what happens with the gate agent is they start putting standby people on those seats.

“Those are the people who had bought their tickets but waiting for their seats or people who work for the airlines and waiting for a seat if there is an open one.” says the airport worker.

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