Al Sharpton

Conservatives are showing strong support towards Al Sharpton for boldly saying that an illegal immigrant invasion is happening in America. Furthermore, most conservatives already feel this way and are left on deaf ears by the Biden regime. Texas is also standing up for their rights to protect the country’s border. 

Fox News states, MSNBC host Al Sharpton faced criticism for labeling the border situation as an “invasion” during a discussion on the Senate immigration bill. The bill, touted as a bipartisan compromise, drew Republican skepticism, with concerns about its effectiveness and President Biden’s existing authority. 

Furthermore, he is urging public pressure on senators, emphasizing the urgency and public outrage over the migrant influx. The use of “invasion” sparked controversy, with HuffPost highlighting its historical association with anti-immigration sentiment. 

Sharpton’s plea for action in senators’ home states faced scrutiny, as critics questioned the appropriateness of the term and its potential impact on immigration discourse.

Conservatives agreeing with Al Sharpton 

Following that, conservatives state that Biden essentially stopped the wall from being built, and subsequently did not deport criminal aliens. Furthermore, many are upset to see the Biden regime blaming the GOP for “interfering” with their efforts to control the border. When in reality, many are praising the GOP for wanting to protect America. 


Liberals are saying that it is not an invasion and calling it as such may be extreme. However, conservatives are fighting them saying that over 300,000 illegals that are military aged men coming into the United States in a month does classify as an invasion. 


Others are saying that the illegal immigrant crisis is heavily affecting the Black community, and hence why Sharpton is making statements about the problem. Regardless, most American communities, if not already affected, would most probably be affected if over a quarter million people are entering the country illegally every single month. 

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