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All eyes on politics in Malaysia this week




is entering a crucial week in with people asking whether the Palace will finally grant an audience or will the status-quo remain?

However, there are also talks of a new deal that will keep PM Yassin in power if the Warisan party were to join the Perikatan Nasional regime.

is head of the PN an Anwar is challenging his post as PM saying he has the majority in Parliament.

But if the Warisan were to join Muhyiddin, the latter will increase his majority in the Parliament. The numbers game will change, but that may not be the end of the worries for Muhyiddin.

The which has the largest number of MPs in Parliament with the Keadilan party of Anwar, that is 39 MPs each, could still pull the plug on Muhyiddin.

Currently, Muhyiddin’s has a 2-vote majority in Parliament which is a dangerous situation for the PM. Reports are he met with Pakatan Harapan partners, Amanah and DAP to discuss an alliance with them.

The two parties, allies with Anwar’s Keadilan, has at least 50 seats in Parliament. The report says the two parties rejected Muhyiddin’s proposals.

Back to square one, Muhyiddin is said to have sought an alliance with Warisan. The party is an unofficial member of the PH and supported Dr Mahathir Mohamad in the PH .

There are no reports whether Shafie Apdal, the former Chief Minister of Sabah, and leader of Warisan have agreed to join the PN government as its deputy Minister.


Warisan holds 10 seats in Parliament and is a staunch ally of Mahathir ’s new party Pejuang (Struggle) has 6 seats.

Reports are rife on news portals and YouTube news channels in Malaysia that the choice facing the Malaysian King is complicated.

The King is not only offered to choose between keeping Muhyiddin as PM if he has a slim majority, or appoint Anwar as PM if he has majority . He is also faced with the possibility to dissolve the Parliament in the event he is not satisfied anyone has the majority in Parliament.

Next Tuesday will be two weeks since Anwar announced he has the majority in Parliament. He also says, “The government of Muhyiddin has fallen.”

Anwar announced at a presser that he had the majority in Parliament with the help of a majority of ‘Malay’ MPs.

The Malay MPs he said comes from the Umno and other parties.

He then said he had an audience with the King on Tuesday 22 September but the latter had to cancel the appointment since he was admitted a day earlier at the Heart Institute in Kuala Lumpur.

Since then, the is not back to the Palace and this means no audience for Anwar.



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