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Alliance of MPs not parties in Anwar’s Parliament majority

Does Anwar have the majority in the Parliament? If he did not, would be difficult for him to see the Agong is the one person can appoint him as PM




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’s majority in Parliament is not from en-bloc nor from other parties, but is from MPs.

Rumours are flying around that may join Anwar in the alliance to form a new . But sources say this is not the case.

Anwar made it clear the support came from a majority of Malay-Bumiputra MPs, which may mean Malay MPs from Umno-PAS-Bersatu and the Bumiputra MPs from Sabah-Sarawak.

It looks like it will be a total surprise when the final list of MPs supporting Anwar is revealed.

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Anwar has been granted an audience with the Malaysian King on Tuesday, but the much awaited audience is the cause of much speculation in Malaysia.

The opponents of are attacking him, saying he is betraying his principles or that he is thirsty for .

They are also saying he is working with the likes of Najib Razak and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and those have court cases against them.

There are half a dozen MPs, including Najib and Zahid who are battling corruption and money laundering cases in Malaysian courts.

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Umno has 39 Malay MPs, minus the half a dozen implicated in various cases, there are 33 left. They are not all in favour of Anwar however, but he will need a significant chunk from them to support his new .

Pro-Anwar blogs and portals are assuming that a large number of Umno MPs will give support to Anwar on Tuesday.

But they do not reveal the names of the MPs simply because Anwar has kept a tight lid on the list he submitted to the Agong.

Some source are also saying Nurul Izzah, the daughter of Anwar Ibrahim is not aware of the names of MPs supporting her father.

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This is how tight-lipped Anwar is on the matter, fearing backlash against the MPs from government sources.

The confusion is not only among the Umno and PAS. There are rumours one or two PAS MPs may also break away from party lines to support Anwar.

The Pakatan Harapan alliance is also in some turmoil over who is supporting Anwar. But there is a sign that if the MPs are breaking away from their parties (Umno in particular) the bulk of PH MPs will support Anwar.

It must be said the PH MPs from Keadilan, Amanah and DAP already gave their total support to Anwar after he announced the support from ‘government’ MPs.

It is hard to see the 92 MPs from the PH make a U-turn after Anwar meets the Agong.

While some portals published a list of MPs they say are in Anwar’s support group, many in the list have denied they are Anwar supporters.

But we should not jump the gun because in often in Malaysia, those who are the most vociferous critics of a leader may simply join the latter in a sudden change of opinion.

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