In the past few years, the usage of drones has only increased. Many photographers and videographers use a drone to capture the beauty of nature and take aerial views.

Not only that, but some also use it to have close encounters with wildlife and learn more about animals. However, getting too close to the wild can sometimes come with a cost. And a recent video shows something similar to that.

Alligator Drone?

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In a video shared by the Twitter page @HowThingsWork_, a drone was filming an alligator when the alligator caught the drone in midair. The alligator follows the drone around in the video as it flies dangerously close to the animal. The alligator immediately leapt into the air and grabbed the drone as it continued to hover. Within seconds, the animal had crushed the drone into the water.

The post’s caption read, “Using drones to capture wildlife video footage.”

This clip was shared three days back. Since being uploaded, it has been viewed 1.1 million times and has had many reactions.

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Wow Alligator

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One person in the Twitter comments said, “Oh no! Good wildlife photographers use telescopic lenses to get good wildlife shots from a distance. This was clearly too close, and the drone operator hopefully learned something from the loss of their drone. Don’t be like this guy!”

A second person added, “Yikes!! Had no idea they could jump that far.” A third person wrote, “Wow! I’m not sure how deep the bottom is, but this little guy’s leap out of the water is very impressive.”

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