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Ally McBeal to have a sequel, Calista Flockhart may return as well

90’s show Ally McBeal which had a huge following may be coming back as ABC studios plans a reboot of the hit show.

The new version will feature a young black woman joining a law firm immediately after finishing law school. The young woman will likely be written into the script as the daughter of Ally McBeal’s (Calista Flockhart) roomate, district attorney Renee Raddick. The role of Renee Raddick was played by Lisa Nicole Carson in Ally McBeal.

According to a Deadline report, the new series will be a sequel. Rumour has it that Flockhart herself will also return for the relaunch. “Flockhart has been approached to reprise her title role from the original in some capacity and to executive-produce the follow up. However the outlet added that a decision on her potential involvement likely won’t be made until a script has been written.”

Although the new series won’t be written and created by famed producer and scriptwriter David E. Kelley, he has given the new series his blessing. It will be written and produced by Karin Gist who also did Mike, Mixed and Grey’s Anatomy.

Kelley had earlier said sometime in 2018 that if Ally McBeal were to be re-made it should be done by a woman.

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“I’d be open to the idea of Ally McBeal being done again, but I don’t think it should be done by me. If it were going to be done, it really should be done by a woman. If it’s going to be new it should be new and different,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Ally McBeal ran for five seasons and ended in 2002 with Flockhart achieving super stardom from the series. The series revolved around a fictional Boston law firm called Cage and Fish which McBeal worked in from day one until the series ended. The show’s last season tied up a lot of loose ends so fans were happy that they were not left with any question marks.

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