American woman arrested for having sex with a doberman named demon

An American woman from the southeastern state of Virginia has been arrested following a direct indictment on numerous charges including Crimes Against Nature. The 42-year-old woman from the city of Suffolk, Christina Danielle Patterson, was arrested on six counts of Crimes Against Nature – Beastiality/Carnally Know any Brute Animal, and six counts of Animal Cruelty.

Patterson was investigated on July last year at her home.The Suffolk Police Department which had a search warrant, seized computers from Patterson’s residence. On the computers, officers found videos of the couple engaged in acts of bestiality.

According to a search warrant, Patterson and her husband “engaged in sexual activity with a dog, which has identified as a Doberman named Demon.”

Patterson’s husband, 47-year-old Richard Allen Patterson, is at regional jail since March 2018 on federal charges. A local news network said any charges against him on a state level related to these incidents will not move forward until after his federal process has been completed.

Patterson is now in custody at a regional jail and was denied an interview.