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Amidst growing societal discourse, American conservatives are pointing fingers at woke ideologies, attributing the confusion of the gender spectrum concept to this cultural shift. Traditionally, the understanding of gender rested on a binary framework, recognizing only two categories: male and female. However, with the rise of woke culture, this perspective has been challenged, leading to assertions that there exists a spectrum of genders.

Furthermore, there have been push backs to this whole ideology. NBC News states, In Boston, a federal appeals court panel questioned whether a Massachusetts middle school violated a student’s free speech rights by banning a T-shirt reading, “There are only two genders.” 

Liam Morrison’s lawyer argued the school’s actions infringed upon his First Amendment rights, citing his dissent with the school’s pro-LGBTQ stance. The judges, appointed by Democratic presidents, probed whether the school’s actions were justified in protecting nonbinary students and avoiding disruptions. 

However, Deborah Ecker, representing the school committee, defended the ban, citing concerns for LGBTQ students’ mental well-being. 

Americans showing confusion to how many genders are there


Following that, to the dismay of the American conservative, they are saying this is what taxpayer funded schools and universities are producing in the 2020s. Many feel that the country has bigger problems to solve rather than debate about the gender and sexuality of an individual. 


In the viral video, the only individual who openly stated there are two genders was an attractive girl. Conservatives mocked the others citing that they have colored hair or peculiar piercings.