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Angelina Jolie 2020? Movie star hints at possible entry in politics




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Speaking to in a recent interview, Hollywood movie star indicated that she is not totally against running for politics in the .

When asked by reporter Justin Webb whether she would be getting involved in politics, Jolie replied that would have been a no 20 years ago but the answer today is more complicated:

“If you asked me 20 years ago, I would’ve laughed. I always say I’ll go where I’m needed, I don’t know if I’m fit for politics… but then I’ve also joked that I don’t know if I have a skeleton left in my closet.”

She added: “I’m also able to work with governments and I’m also able to work with militaries, and so I sit in a very interesting place of being able to get a lot done.”

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When Webb suggested that Jolie could run as a Democrat contender in the presidential , all Jolie would say is “Thank you.”

Besides being an actress and director, Jolie has been serving as a special envoy to the U.N. Refugee Agency and has campaigned on various issues like , sexual violence, and .

Unlike several in Hollywood, though, Holie is not a registered Democrat. She said in 2008: “I think people assume I’m a Democrat. But I’m registered independent and I’m still undecided. So I’m looking at McCain as well as Obama.”

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