Home Asia Angelina Jolie texts her for Simon Yam in wake of stabbing

Angelina Jolie texts her support for Simon Yam in wake of stabbing

The duo were co-stars in 2003's Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life. Yam said he was touched by her concern since he considers her a global superstar




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Hollywood star and humanitarian was promoting her action movie Salt in Moscow, Russia in 2010 when a fan grabbed her on the red carpet.

The petrified actress managed to break the woman’s hold with with the help of her team.

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Because of this incident, her experience made her sympathise with the plight of Hong Kong actor was stabbed in the abdomen and hand during a promotional event in Zhongshan, China on July 20.

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64-year-old Yam is recovering from the ordeal has since made public appearances again, appearing in Guangzhou on Aug 11 to publicise his upcoming film, Little Q.

They were co-stars in 2003’s Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life.

Yam said he was touched by her concern since he considers her a global superstar.

“Of course, I personally replied to her to say thank you.”

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He shared that physiotherapy is likely to take up to nine months.

His arm is still in a sling.

Yam’s resume includes a lot of action movies and he wants to be in shape again but he has to pause any gym work until the sling comes off in eight to 10 weeks’ time.

His wife, model Qi Qi and their daughter have lost weight worrying over him, Yam said he had gained 0.5kg from eating home-cooked meals.

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Qi Qi reportedly learnt how to brew tonics in a bid to boost his recovery.

Given that he cannot take on movie projects yet, Yam said he is focusing on his family.

One reward for their dedication to him?

He is allowing them to decide where to take a holiday.

For now, Yam is basking in positive reviews for Little Q, which tracks the relationship between a blind chef and a guide dog.

One reviewer said in the hands of a lesser actor, the movie could have sunk into melodrama but Yam’s portrayal of the chef was a nuanced, dignified one. -/TISG

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