‘Animal’ hanging from tree forces nearby residents to shut windows; turns out...

‘Animal’ hanging from tree forces nearby residents to shut windows; turns out to be a croissant

The intrepid animal welfare inspector and what he found

Krakow, Poland – An unusual-looking “animal” hanging from a tree urged nearby residents to lock their windows in fear. Said “animal” turns out to be a croissant.

The famous pastry made headlines on Thursday (April 15) as animal welfare officers in Krakow received a call for assistance regarding an “unusual animal” lurking in a tree.

“People aren’t opening their windows because they’re afraid it will go into their house,” a woman said, according to a BBC report.

The Krakow Animal Welfare Society confirmed the incident in a Facebook post on Wednesday (April 14).

The woman initially said the creature looked like a “lagun” (Polish for lagoon) before correcting the word to “legwan” or iguana.

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The conversation between the animal welfare inspector and the woman was included in the Facebook post.

“Come and pick him up!” said the woman in desperation.

When the inspector asked who should be picked up, the woman replied, “The creature!” She noted that it had been sitting in a tree nearby for two days.

After being informed that the residents kept their windows shut in fear, the inspector asked the woman to describe the creature, wondering if it was a sick bird.

The woman said it wasn’t a bird but was “brown” and looked like a “lagoon.”

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“Took a look at the calendar, but today is not April first,” thought the inspector, thinking it could have been a joke. He suggested that perhaps it was a “legwan.”

“Yes! He’s been sitting here for two days, and everyone is scared of him!” said the woman. “So when are you coming for him?” she asked.

Meanwhile, the inspector was wondering how a “legwan” could have arrived in Krakow amid the chilly spring weather. He thought that perhaps it was an abandoned pet.

The inspector and a colleague visited the scene to capture the “legwan” but could not find it. They called on the lady to confirm if it was still there, to which she said yes.

When the inspectors looked around, they finally found the culprit.

Photo: FB screengrab/KTOZ Krakowskie Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzętami
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The animal welfare organisation reiterated having received such a report and remained light-hearted throughout. They added that the public should remain vigilant and inform them of any concerns regarding animal welfare./TISG

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