Are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom fighting over Selena Gomez?

A false tabloid report claimed that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are fighting over the actor supposedly being in secret contact with Selena Gomez.

Photo: Screengrab from Instagram

The publication claimed that the couple’s marriage plans are in jeopardy but that’s not true.

Gossip Cop debunked the story.

Based on In Touch’s story, Perry has “put the brakes” on the couple’s wedding planning after discovering “a string of messages between Orlando and Selena.”

An anonymous source is quoted as saying, “Katy went ballistic, accusing Orlando of betraying her since she banned him from talking to her.”

The alleged insider adds, “Katy feels humiliated. She thinks Selena is obsessed with Orlando, and he has no business talking to her, even though he’s assured her that they’re just friends. Katy’s still jealous and rethinking the whole wedding.”

The false report stems from a years-old situation that the tabloids can’t seem to leave in the past.

After Perry and Bloom started dating in 2016, Bloom was photographed chatting with Gomez at a Las Vegas nightclub.

It led to a bunch of rumours involving the two hooking up which wasn’t the case.

Perry herself even dismissed the cheating rumours.

The couple are now engaged and it’s been three years since this non-incident, but In Touch somehow found it necessary to rehash the narrative.

Not only does a source close to Perry assure us this new story is total nonsense, but Gomez’s spokesperson confirms she hasn’t been in touch with Bloom.

The unreliable outlet seems to be recycling this imaginary love triangle to capitalise on Perry and Bloom’s upcoming nuptials.

Back in 2016, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid’s sister outlet, RadarOnline, for falsely claiming Perry was blaming Taylor Swift for Bloom and Gomez “hooking up.”

That story falsely asserted that Bloom and Gomez were “caught kissing” at the Las Vegas nightclub.

In reality, there were no photos showing them doing anything more than chatting closely in a loud club.

The whole idea of a “feud” between Gomez and Perry is also a completely false narrative.

Shortly after Gomez’s kidney transplant in 2017, Perry sent a kind message to Gomez in a public Instagram post telling the fellow singer that she “loved” her heart and authenticity.

This was after Gomez was quoted in an interview saying she thought Perry was “amazing” and “awesome.”

For whatever reason, the tabloids insist on creating nonexistent drama, despite all parties involved making it clear there isn’t any. -/TISG