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Arnold Schwarzenegger lambastes Trump as President acknowledges that he misspoke on Russian meddling




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Republican and former Governor of Arnold Schwarzenegger has lambasted President for his comments at the joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on July 17. After a 2-hour private meeting with Putin on Monday, Trump said he had “no reason to believe” that Russia had interfered with the 2016 presidential election.

Schwarzenegger is also a leading actor and a prominent critic of President Trump, tweeted: “President @realDonaldTrump, remember, America first.” His tweet included a .

In the  Schwarzenegger said trump’s joint press conference with Putin “was embarrassing.”

“I mean, you stood there like a little wet noodle, like a little fanboy. I was asking myself when you are going to ask him for an autograph or a or something like that. I mean, you literally sold out at this press conference our intelligence community, our justice system, and worst of all our country. You’re the President of — you shouldn’t do that.”

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He then invoked former President Ronald Reagan, saying: “What’s the matter with you? Whatever happened to the strong words, or to the strength of Ronald Reagan, when he stood there at the and he said ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this ?’ What happened to all that?”

Leading Republicans join Democrats in condemning President Trump for his performance in Helsinki with Putin

Meanwhile, the President has clarified that he misspoke on Russian meddling and believes election interference took place.

JUST IN: President Trump clarifies, saying he misspoke in Helsinki during joint presser with Vladimir Putin; he meant to say: "I don't see any reason why WOULDN'T be Russia" vs "WOULD be Russia" regarding 2016 U.S. election interference: abcn.ws/2L0RzVv

Posted by Good Morning America on Tuesday, 17 July 2018

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Trump said he meant to say: “I don’t see any reason why it WOULDN’T be Russia” versus “WOULD be Russia” regarding 2016 U.S. election interference. He also said he accepted the American intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia interfered in the election, but he denied that his campaign had colluded in the effort.

Schwarzenegger replaced Trump as host of The New Celebrity Apprentice in 2015. In the show, he used the phrases “you’re terminated” and “get to the choppa,” which are quotes from some of his famous roles (The Terminator and Predator, respectively), when firing the contestants. In March 2017, following repeated criticisms from Trump, Schwarzenegger announced that he would not return for another season on the show.

Schwarzenegger reacted to Trump’s latest remarks in January 2017: “Hey, Donald, I have a great idea. Why don’t we switch ?” he asked in an clip. “You take over TV because you’re such an expert in ratings, and I take over your job, and then people can finally comfortably again.

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