Thursday, October 6, 2022
Arshad Warsi: I have met the strangest kind of people in Bollywood

Arshad Warsi: I have met the strangest kind of people in Bollywood

Arshad Warsi talks life in Bollywood

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India — He admits he has not really ‘learnt’ from his stint in the film industry so far, but Arshad Warsi sure has had a lot of encounters with all sorts of people. “I am the way I was when I came in this profession, nothing has changed. I have met more people, the strangest kind of people,” he quips.

In fact, he doubts whether his experience would have been the same anywhere else. “I don’t think if I was in any other profession, I would have met so many people who are so not normal. I met them being here,” he says.

The 52-year-old continues, “Just generally, the way people are. Take my example. When I came into this industry, everybody was like ‘this guy is so good’ and this and that. The my movies started not doing well, and they said ‘I knew he was not a good actor, he won’t go anywhere’. All of a sudden, it became ‘I always knew he was a good actor’! Then you have guys who have absolutely zero talent.”

Though he has made good equations as well within the industry, what he found funny is some people possessing beliefs which they thought would make things work.

The actor explains, “For example, we talk about directors, and then you have a whole lot of them who like the idea of being a director. It’s because a director is supposed to be the smartest person on the film set. A lot of them think they are directors, but they are not. Some have whole theories and beliefs, that if you wear this, this will happen, if you buy that car, that will happen! They do that. It’s mind boggling, the number of things you hear. It’s funny also. I once heard ‘jisne khareedi van, uske gaye fan’! This is what I am talking about. When I used to hear these things, I would be like ‘what the fu** is this?!'”

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