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Baby on motorbike gets decapitated in front of mother and granny after headscarf gets trapped in wheel




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A 19-month-old baby boy was horrifically decapitated when a head scarf covering his head became entrapped in the wheel of the motorcycle his grandmother had been riding in a horrific on 2 Dec, in Northern Samar, .

The infant, named Prince Calot, was in the arms of his mother, 25-year-old Lorna Stephanie Nueva, was riding pillion while Lorna’s mother, 45-year-old Rosita Tejano was steering the Honda XRM bike. The trio were returning home from a doctor’s appointment and the little boy was wearing a long yellow silk scarf on his head – to keep and wind out of his face.

As the trio made their way, the scarf drifted into the gears of the motorcycle, tightening around the baby’s neck and flinging the baby to the ground. The sudden action severed the baby’s head in front of his mother and grandmother before they could act.

Passers-by crowded around the devastated grandmother and mother was cradling the body and head of her baby – still wrapped in the yellow scarf. Although Lorna wailed and pleaded for help, emergency services responded to the scene pronounced her boy dead.

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This is the second tragedy in recent years to have hit Lorna and her after her eight-year-old drowned in a river in their home village two years ago, in 2016.

The heartbroken mother told the press: ”I don’t know how happened. I gave my boy the scarf to stop him from getting chills while we rode and to keep the sun away from his head. I was holding him and my mother was riding at the front. happened so fast and I couldn’t hold him. He was pulled down.”

The could charge both Lorna and Rosita with violating Republic Act 10666 or An Act Providing For the Safety of Aboard Motorcycles and for reckless imprudence resulting in homicide. Investigations are ongoing.

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