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Baby rescued from hot car as allegedly overdosing parents lie passed out outside the vehicle




An infant was rescued from a hot car in Ohio as its parents were seen lying on the ground, allegedly overdosing from .

The man saved the , Eric Asher, recounted to reporters: “We were down the road and I looked over to my right and I saw the male and female laying on the ground. We (later) saw that they were purple.” Asher added that the infant was “covered in sweat”.

On , Asher shared photos of the baby and its parents of the child passed out on the ground outside the car and alleged that the parents were overdosing from heroin.

Asher and his fiancée immediately acted and removed the baby from the car from the vehicle. “We…gave the baby some . That was our priority,” Asher told reporters, as he added that he was glad he was in the “right place at the right time.”

Photos from the incident have been going on , with over 80,000 shares and over 50,000 reactions on Facebook. Despite his good deed, Asher revealed that he and his family have received for publishing pictures of the parents and the baby. He wrote on Facebook:

“(T)he post was meant to open peoples eyes to the epidemic n never hesitate to help also not thinking it would go as far as it did we are receiving threats people posting lies posting are family being called devils n we did it to be famous which is all bull crap. I wish people would open their eyes n understand why we did what we did and ask yourselves what if we didn’t what that outcome would of been.”

If I can have a minute of everybody’s time due to this post of me n my fiancé helping make sure baby n everyone was ok n…

Posted by Eric Asher on Monday, 13 August 2018



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