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Christian Bale drives a second-hand pickup truck despite having a net worth of $120 million

It is quite safe to assume that if you’re a famous Hollywood actor you’re going to own the most expensive and luxurious homes and cars that money can buy.

So not the case with Batman’s Christian Bale who drives a 2003 Toyota Tacoma TRD off-road pre-runner V6. He is often seen in the 20-year-old Toyota together with his wife Sibi Blazic and two children.

The car is a far cry from what he drives in the Batman films, which is a Lamborghini Murcielago and the famous Batmobile.

His reasoning when questioned about his choice of vehicle?

“It’s practical. All my friends need it for moving stuff.”

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The actor purchased the truck second-hand and has held on to it for the last 10 years.

He even said that the other benefit to owning an old simple car is that he doesn’t have to concern himself with it getting scratched or stolen.

The 48 year old actor does however have a predilection for motorcycles saying he likes speed. The actor owns an MV Augusta F4 sports bike that was a gift to him from the manufacturer.

However a bad accident in 2012 which left his arm in a sling and the death of his friend Paul Walker in a road accident made him give up motorcycle racing on the insistence of his wife.

He does however take the bike out on the race track every once in a while and not on the open road.

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Despite having a number of critically acclaimed films to his credit, the actor’s biggest paychecks are from Batman movies. He reportedly earned $10million for The Dark Knight and $15million for The Dark Knight Rises. He is said to have turned down $50 million for a fourth Batman film.

He may be very frugal in nature but he is worth at least $120 million according to estimates.

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