Battle against second wave not over but people throw Covid caution to...

Battle against second wave not over but people throw Covid caution to the wind

Govt urging people not to get complacent as second Covid-19 wave is not over

India — Despite the government cautioning people to not let down their guard against the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), as the battle is far from over, several incidents have reported in the recent few days where Covid-19 rules were flouted.

The Covid-19 disease primarily spreads from one person to another through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes and crowds are considered to be a fertile ground for transmission of the disease. Despite this knowledge, people in several states of India, some of which were under the shadow of a high number of cases as well as deaths, were seen flouting Covid-19 norms.

Here is a list of places where people were recently seen flouting Covid-19 norms:

Madhya Pradesh is among the adversely affected states in the nation and faced a large number of cases as well as deaths during the second wave. Bhind along with other 51 districts of the state is under strict lockdown-like measures due to the rising number of cases. Law enforcement officials in Bhind on Thursday too had meted out punishment to Covid-19 curfew violators. People attending a wedding function at Bhind’s Umri were caught without masks and flouting Covid-19 rules and were also made to do frog jumps.

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