Belinda Chee, parenting influencer to host Lite Breakfast Show on radio

Belinda Chee, parenting influencer to host Lite Breakfast Show on radio

Chee will be co-hosting the show with Jason Desmond

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Parenting influencer and a mother-of-two from Kuching, Sarawak, Belinda Chee will be joining The Breakfast Show on radio station Lite as a radio DJ.

Jason Desmond, also known as JD will be co-hosting the show. Known as Bel, Chee is also a TV host and voice-over actor who is excited over her new role at Lite.

She said she lacked personal growth even though being a mother brings her joy. This would be a journey of self-fulfillment for her.

The show’s previous hosts were Shaz and Steve who have been doing the show for a long time.

“Replacing them is a big task,” said Chee.

Chee hopes that Lite fans will accept JD and her.

The parenting influencer found an idea for the #NeverTooOld segment when she learned how to play the guitar in her late 30s.

She was inspired by her seven-year-old daughter who picked up the ukulele.

Belinda Chee will be joining the Lite Breakfast Show. Picture: Instagram

Chee posted her first practice session up on Instagram with the hashtag #Nevertoooldtolearn and it gained attention. Her teacher got a few calls from women Chee’s age asking if they can learn something.

She added that she wants to connect with listeners and share good content that will make a difference in their lives.

JD has been in the field for more than 10 years and has been on the show several times. He plans to talk about heavier issues on the show.

He said that although he is a bright and cheery person, he is also interested in serious matters that affect Malaysia.

The host added that he liked listening to Steve and Shaz but he wants to do something different.


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