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Bella Astillah gives birth to baby girl without husband being present

Aliff Aziz is in Singapore and the border is closed because of Covid-19 circuit breaker measures




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Kuala Lumpur — Malaysian celebrity gave birth to a girl on Saturday (July 18). Her husband, singer , could not be with her because he is in his home country of Singapore and the border is closed as a result of circuit breaker measures.

Just days before the birth, Bella, 26, had shared that even though the family members had not seen each other for months, Aliff, 29, had not shirked his responsibilities. Sharing with BH Online, Bella said that her husband often reached out to her and their three-year-old son Ayden Adrean to say “hi”. Bella said she also had her parents and siblings around so she would not be lonely although she had to go through and childbirth process without Aliff by her side.

Aliff Aziz and Bella Astillah. Picture:

She added that she would just remain calm and patient with everything that happened during delivery.

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She also said that she had never complained about the ’s decision for the border gate to remain closed. “I will just follow suit in any case, if the border gate reopens, I’ll be happy with that. I believe the ’s ruling was done for the better, so there’s no need for me to be salty about .”

Bella said that, despite the distance, the couple remained in contact. “Even though we are living far apart, that doesn’t mean that Aliff neglects his role as the head of the family. We communicate everyday through voice and video calls. He has been taking good care of me as well as the baby,” she emphasised.

In other news, the Sabahan beauty recently exposed the identity of a keyboard warrior left insults about the shape of her pregnant body on her Instagram Story. The Instagram user had commented on one of her updates: “You’re fat like a pig. Hahahahaha.”

However, instead of lashing back, Bella responded with grace “Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God)”, along with a screenshot of the troll’s comment online. /TISG

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