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Amidst rising concerns about border control and illegal immigration, many Americans express frustration. Yet, President Joe Biden’s administration seems focused on another matter. The matter is pushing the Supreme Court to permit Border Control to cut Texas-installed razor wires along the border, diverting attention from the escalating border issue.

According to NBC DFW, the Biden administration urgently appeals to the Supreme Court, seeking permission to remove Texas-installed razor wire along the U.S.-Mexico border amid an ongoing lawsuit. 

Texas’ previous appellate win forces federal agents to halt cutting the wire stretched over 30 miles near Eagle Pass, a migrant crossing hotspot. This clash mirrors a broader immigration dispute; Texas deployed razor wire in high-traffic zones, with Governor Greg Abbott authorizing floating barriers and empowering troopers to arrest thousands on trespassing charges.

The administration argues the wire obstructs Border Patrol, but Texas contends it aids in intercepting illegal crossings for federal processing.

Illegal immigrant crisis getting worse thanks to Biden? 

X users are accusing the President of the United States of treason for what his government is doing to the American people. Furthermore, many are sympathising with the state of Texas, which is trying to control their own borders. For the most part, users know that this issue isn’t under control. 

Following that, conservatives state that the American voters would need to think carefully in November this year. For the most part, they are blaming the Democrats for spearheading America for having the problems it has today. There are bold accusations towards the Democrats for wanting to use these illegal immigrants as a pawn for more votes. 

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