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Conservatives and liberals both alike are confused with a statement made by at the time, Senator Joe Biden regarding how bad sanctuary cities are. Furthermore, it seems that he is always changing his opinions depending on the decade. Americans are rather fed up with the illegal migration being accelerated by his government.  

The Hill states back in 2019, amidst the Democratic primary pressure, Joe Biden faces uncertainty on sanctuary cities. Initially opposing them in 2007, his current stance is unclear, especially given the Obama administration’s immigration legacy. 

While Biden’s campaign opposes Trump’s “crackdown” on sanctuary cities, specific enforcement support remains unanswered. Sanctuary cities gained prominence during Obama-Biden years, countering the administration’s record deportations. 

Obama’s Secure Communities faced backlash and was eventually replaced. Biden’s rivals criticize his role in deportations, emphasizing the 3 million during Obama’s tenure. 

Joe Biden criticised sanctuary cities in 2007, but now is doing the opposite of what he said 


Conservatives on X are saying that Biden is intentionally “destroying” America, especially when he himself knows that sanctuary cities are unsustainable. Furthermore, Americans are unhappy to see a politician like him flip-flopping on his agendas and stance regarding several topics. 

In addition to this, an X user states that Biden has “no moral compass” and is a clear example of what is wrong with politicians today. Politicians are saying whatever suits them and their party the best at a given time. Which means, any topic or agenda could be turned against an entire industry or a group of people.

Others state that most politicians would do anything to turn a quick vote. This is merely for opportunity rather than trying to do something good for the country.

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