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In a resounding victory at South Carolina’s Democratic presidential primary, President Joe Biden emerged triumphant, winning an impressive 96 percent of the vote. Representative James Clyburn, a key figure in the Democratic party, emphasized the unwavering support among black voters, citing Biden’s remarkable 97 percent backing in Orangeburg.

Clyburn staunchly defended Biden’s strength among African Americans, stating that he goes to an African American barbershop and an African American Church and Joe Biden is as strong with African Americans as ever.

However, amidst the celebration, concerns linger over perceptions of President Biden’s popularity within the black community.

While the victory bolstered Biden’s position for the upcoming 2024 campaign, the data paints a nuanced picture, especially among younger South Carolina Democrats who appear more resigned than enthusiastic about supporting his reelection.

Triumphant but concerns linger

Despite the overall positive outcome, concerns about voter turnout surface. Christale Spain, chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, noted a 13 percent increase in black voter participation based on early voting data. However, the total impact remains uncertain, with the remainder of the approximately 131,000 votes yet to be analyzed.

Democratic leaders, publicly at least, have not entertained the notion that some within their ranks may prefer to abstain from voting for either President Biden or Trump. However, if this sentiment prevails, it could pose a significant challenge for Biden in the general election, particularly given the projected historic high of 34.4 million eligible black voters in November, constituting 14 percent of eligible voters.

Richard Gordon, founder of Gordon Strategies, underscored the critical role of the black vote, especially in closely contested states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. He cautioned that a mere 2 percent loss in each of these states could jeopardize Biden’s chances of reelection, emphasizing the pivotal importance of securing black voter support across the nation.

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