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‘Any big tech hiring?’ asks Techie laid-off by Google, Snap, Amazon in 4 months

Riding on the tide of layoff, many companies have downsized their workforce in recent times. All top companies including Amazon, Google and Facebook has undertaken mass layoff as they struggle to maintain the demand which got inflated during Covid.

Laid-off employees are taking to social media platforms to express their experience and in search of leads for new job. In one such instance, a software engineer has revealed that he was fired from Google, Snap and Amazon, the three tech behemoths, in past 4 months.

Techie Fired

In a post on the anonymous work app Blind, the techie stated that he/she had had been fired by Google after joining the company just two months prior. He claims that he was sacked back to back in the IT industry.

According to the widely shared article, the person was sacked from Snap in September and Amazon in November before joining Google.

“Guess date of hire is a pretty reliable metric for layoffs when dealing with several thousand of employees., but I’m not sure what to do now. I’m very fortu-nate to have had multiple overlapping severances at this point but need to find employment soon,” writes the laid off software engineer on Blind (sic).”

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The post continues, “Any big tech still hiring? Should I take a few months off and try again in the summer? Go to a start up? It feels like no matter what, I’ll inevitably end up laid off as a new hire, so I’m not sure if it’s worth looking for employment.”

As the Covid bubble pops, businesses all over the world have turned to layoff campaigns to restructure their operations and reduce their workforces. Particularly in the tech sector, many workers are being let go.

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