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Billionaire Peter Lim’s daughter Kim Lim wears many hats




Kim Lim

—Kim Lim is the of billionaire Peter Lim, an influencer and a friend to the rich and famous, but this doesn’t mean her life has not had its share of downs to go along with the ups. Not only was she caught in the middle of her parents’ difficult , but her own three-year marriage ended recently, leaving her a single mum to her three-year-old son, Kyden.

But the 29-year-old aesthetic clinic owner has not taken things sitting down when it comes to her or the Chinese race, recently standing up to the angry fans of Spanish La Liga club Valencia CF, which her father owns.

Real-life Crazy Rich Asian

Ms Lim was born in 1991 to Peter Lim and Venus Teo Geok Fong. From his humble beginnings as the son of a fishmonger, Mr Lim grew to become a business magnate, entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor, with a net worth of over S$2.7 billion.

Her parents’ 1995 divorce was both prolonged and acrimonious, which affected Ms Lim and her younger brother, Kiat.

She has said however that her father endeavoured to give her an ordinary childhood, and that she only fond out about his wealth in her adolescent years.


As an adult, however, she has been seen with several very high-profile , including fellow heiress Chryseis Tan of , football megastar Cristiano Ronaldo, visited her after she gave birth to her son, and the controversial Seungri, of the K-pop group Big Bang.

After a volcano eruption in Bali, she and her father had a private jet fly Seungri out when flights were cancelled. However, when the singer was accused of providing workers to foreign businessmen in Seoul, he said that he had contacted the to keep Ms Lim company while she went shopping.

Ms Lim, however, distanced herself from the singer and the scandal, writing in an Instagram post, “I am embroiled in this matter simply because I happened to be there that night. I was simply at the wrong place and at the wrong time.”

Marriage and divorce

In 2016, she married Kho Bin Kai, after six months of dating him. She gave birth to their son in July 2017, but the two separated in 2019 and divorced this year. Unlike her parents, Ms Lim’s divorce was amicable, with both parties in agreement.

She has shown herself to be a devoted mother to their son, posting photos of him on his third birthday with the following greeting, “Grow up to be a kind, wise and happy boy. That is my wish for you.”


The heiress has also been involved in charity work, being a regular volunteer at Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre and Operation Red Shirts. Earlier this year she participated in an effort to teach the elderly how to protect themselves against the , and delivered food to frontliners at Singapore General Hospital and other medical institutions.

No stranger to bullying

Most recently, Ms Kim made the headlines for standing up to angry Valencia CF fans who left messages for her father on social media. She is no stranger to bullying, which she experienced as a child, leading her to develop an eating disorder.

Irate Valencia supporters, upset at the football club’s performance have been posting #LimGoHome.

Ms Lim wrote “Don’t they get it? The club is ours and we can do anything we want with it and no-one can say anything,” in an Instagram post which she later deleted.

Fans retorted by writing messages such as

“The club is yours but the passion is ours. Time to go home.”
“The future of the club is in our hands. Make sure the seats are empty at Mestalla every home game. It’s the only way.” 
“Valencia is not your toy, honey.”

In an interview with mothership last month, Ms Lim said, “Everyone has a limit. And they have been harassing my family and the Chinese race verbally for awhile. I felt that an immediate response was needed to stop and manage the online bullying.

I stand up for my dad and the Chinese race, because they keep saying Chinese are lousy and screw the Chinese.”

She reiterated her determination to keep fighting:

“Perhaps they think that by doing this, it will bring me down but actually it makes me want to stand up more against them.

I want to make my point across that cyberbullying is wrong and cyber racism is illegal, and let the world know that no one should succumb to it.” —/TISG

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Source: Entertainment News



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