Billionaire's daughter Kim Lim delivers food to frontline workers

Billionaire’s daughter Kim Lim delivers food to frontline workers

Lending a hand to those who need it however long the outbreak lasts

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In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, much appreciation has been shown by the nation’s leaders, by groups and by ordinary people of the hard work being done by the multi-ministry task force, by healthcare workers, by police officers, by support groups and even by individuals.

One of the individuals doing her part to aid frontline workers is Ms Kim Lim, the daughter of billionaire Peter Lim. According to a report on on Tuesday (April 14), the 28-year-old started delivering lunch to workers at the Singapore General Hospital on April 10. She has since extended the delivery to other hospitals, and to polyclinics and clinics.

Together with business partner Elizabeth Leong, who co-runs Illumia Therapeutics, an aesthetics clinic, Ms Lim wanted to encourage frontliners and appreciate the work of the unsung heroes.

Ms Lim sent food from Grand Hyatt Singapore for the SGH food run. At the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, the hotel was linked to a few cases. It was later awarded the SG Clean certificate on being declared an inactive cluster. Ms Lim wanted to show her support and also give hope to others so that they too can recover from the virus.

Other places where she delivered food included the National Centre for Infectious Diseases, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Ng Teng Fong Hospital.

Ms Lim wanted to reach out to other locations too but she did not know anyone she could liaise with. She plans to continue lending a hand to those who need it however long the outbreak lasts.

Ms Lim is no stranger to charity, giving aid to animal welfare groups, helping elderly people and those in need. Although doing so much for the frontliners, Ms Lim did not inform her father of her efforts. When he found out eventually, he was happy but asked her to stay safe.

Ms Lim stays safe by wearing a mask and keeping clean. She does go out for exercise but she practises social distancing by jogging when there are fewer people. When she goes to the supermarket, she wears gloves and masks. And when she reaches home, she showers  and soaks her clothes in Dettol for half an hour.

Ms Lim is doing her part by delivering food to frontliners. Picture:Instagram

Meanwhile, her son Kyden, 3, has not left the house in two weeks. She says he runs around the compound and that he has gained some weight because he has been eating a lot.

Ms Lim’s aesthetic clinic is in “shutdown mode” because of the circuit breaker and, since it is a new business, it will be affected. However, she believes that she and her staff will pull through this period. /TISG

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