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Boiling car kills 3-month-old baby after mom forgets to drop him off at daycare before going to work




A three-month-old in Indiana has died after he was allegedly left in a boiling car. His mother had forgotten to drop him off at his infant-care when she went to work. The father of the baby in speaking to the said that he was sharing the tragic story to ensure “another child’s life will not be lost.”

The grief-stricken father of the child, Aaron Turner, said the child’s mother was supposed to drop off their two at daycare. While she dropped their two-year-old to daycare, three month old Aiden didn’t make to his nursery.

His mother only discovered her tragic mistake at about 4.30pm on July 23. Aaron in describing the sad moment when his ex-wife discovered the baby said: “She said she opened the car door and was like, ‘What is that smell?’ and she noticed Aiden was still in the back seat.”  Aiden was rushed to but he was pronounced dead.

Aaron said, “I still don’t understand how that happened. Obviously it happens. It just happened in my . It doesn’t get any closer to home than this. It is inexcusable for any kid to have to go through and for parents to have to lose a child like this.”

He added: “My heart is broken. My biggest hope is in sharing this story, another child’s life will not be lost.”

The New Albany Department Criminal Investigations Division is investigating the toddler’s and no have been made. Aiden is the latest child to die after being trapped in a hot car. His  marks the 29th person in the U.S. to die inside of a locked car in 2018 — an unfortunate trend that typically occurs during the hot summer months.



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