Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Bonnie Loo jumps on Tik Tok bandwagon

Bonnie Loo jumps on Tik Tok bandwagon

Some of her new interests during the circuit breaker includes watching dramas and making Tik Tok videos

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Life is always better when we have friends in our life and Mediacorp web series, Best Friends Forever is a show about friendships, focusing on both the good and the bad. Played by He Yingying, Apple Chan and Bonnie Loo, the show revolves around three ex best friends, fighting over the same boy for 10 years. Bonnie plays a mother to a seven-year-old and is a timid housewife.

You can say art imitates life as Bonnie also experienced the same thing in real life, losing a friend for more than 10 years because of a boy. In an interview with 8days, the Malaysian-born actress-singer said it was sad because their friendship ended over something childish.

The 26-year-old felt stressed over the role because she had to play a mother and she had no experience. Luckily for her, she had friends who are married with children so she learned from them. In the series, Bonnie’s character is a peacemaker and in real life, she shared that she is the same as well.

Bonnie Loo is acting in a Mediacorp web series called Best Friends Forever. Picture:Instagram

Bonnie said that she has more Malaysian friends who are not in show business but she also has friends in the industry too, depending on which show she is working on. As an actress, she admits that it is hard for her to make friends due to scheduling. She said she does not want to be anti-social so having one or two understanding friends is enough. Bonnie looks for sincerity when it comes to friendship and she does not like people who lie to her.

The actress-singer admitted that she has cut down on socialising and always goes home after work to eat dinner at home. Before the circuit breaker month, she would hang out with only one or two people and hardly meets in big groups. She is mostly alone all of the time. Now that the circuit breaker is in motion, she does feel slightly lonely and bored but she sees it as a time to bond with family.

Some of her new interests includes watching dramas and making Tik Tok videos. She also notes that it is a good time to save money. The good-natured star said she has been snacking so much that she is worried that she has put on weight.

The Best Friends Forever star spends a full day or half a day filming and editing short clips on Tik Tok. She admitted that it may look simple but there is a lot of work involved. In her #StayHome video with Malaysian singer Tan Jieyang, there are a lot of retakes and editing because the video has to be combined.

Bonnie explained that in making the video she would scroll through tons of songs to see what’s suitable. For dance songs she would practice the dance moves until she is familiar with it before recording. She enjoys making Tik Tok and she said her job is to entertain people and she hopes to cheer people up during these trying times.

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