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Bosco Wong has 3 rules his girlfriend must follow

After the interview was published, Bosco faced backlash for his ridiculous criteria. Netizens thought that Bosco was being unreasonable.




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Hong Kong actor and entrepreneur is thriving in life at the age of 39 due to his successful showbiz career and restaurant business. He is often asked during interviews about his love life – or lack thereof.

His last relationship was with Myolie Wu whom he was seeing for eight years before breaking up in 2012. As of now, he is still single. The past few years, Bosco has been rumoured to be seeing Vanessa Yeung. He was also linked to Japanese Jun.

Reports said that Bosco was cheating on Chan with Sophia Zhang. Upon hearing the rumours, Bosco and Sophia insisted that they are just /colleagues.

Bosco recently shared with the three golden rules for his . The first one is that she has to accept that Bosco prioritises his friends more. She must not be clingy and needs to know that they both need space.

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Bosco Wong got slammed for having high standards for a future partner. Picture:

The second rule is that she must not question where he goes.

Thirdly, she needs to be understanding of his high profile status. She must not get jealous or angry but be understanding as there bound to be rumours.

After the interview was published, Bosco faced backlash for his ridiculous criteria. They thought that Bosco was being unreasonable. “Is he looking for a partner or a plaything? Is his girlfriend not allowed to have feelings and she should just wait for him to give her the time of the day?” a netizen asked.

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One user added, “Good luck getting a girlfriend genuinely loves you. She might just tolerate your ego for your money.”

Born on December 13, 1980, Bosco Wong Chung-chak is a Hong Kong actor under TVB management and singer under East Asia . He started his showbiz career in 1998. At a young age, Bosco was spotted on the street by a talent-recruiter. He appeared in a lemon tea commercial and several minor modelling jobs.

After graduating from high school, Bosco auditioned at TVB in 1999 at the age of 19. During his first few years in TVB, Bosco started off by hosting several TVB programmes and played cameo roles(calafare) in various TVB series. /TISG

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