Brad Pitt almost made it as part of The Matrix franchise

Hollywood heartthrob says he was considered for the role of Neo in the first film

Mr and Mrs Smith star Brad Pitt has been making headlines recently hanging out with ex Jennifer Aniston and for making an outstanding acceptance speech at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

In the journey up to the Oscars, Pitt spent some time at the 35th annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival talking about his career with Leonard Maltin.

He revealed that he almost made it as part of The Matrix franchise. After accepting the Maltin Modern Master Award, Pitt shared about his career. Maltin asked if there was any role that he passed up on. In an alternate history, Pitt could have acted in a famous movie that people remember by. According to a USA Today report, Pitt said he passed up on a part in the 1999 The Matrix.

Pitt revealed that he passed up the role. The Hollywood heartthrob said that he was offered the first one.

Brad Pitt was considered for a role in The Matrix. Picture: Instagram

He shared that based on his upbringing if he did not get it, then it was not really his. Pitt added that he really believed the role was never his and that it was someone else’s.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood lead said that if they did a show on the great movies he has passed on, they would need two nights.

Pitt did not reveal which role he passed on for in The Matrix but in 2019, The Wrap reported that on the movie’s 20th anniversary, Pitt was considered for the role of Neo. The role was famously played by Keanu Reeves who played the lead for three films. Whether or not Pitt would have been a better Neo is something we would have to imagine in an alternate history.