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Brazil president threatens to use gun power against Biden

Biden had promised he will destroy Brazil's economy if the country's leadership did not accept aid to stop the Amazon from burning




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President-elect Joe is not in the White House yet and already there are talks of trade wars and gun flying all over the place.

Biden had promised he will impose trade barriers against Brazil if the Portuguese speaking nation does not put out the fires.

In response to Biden’s comment, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro threatened to use “gunpowder” against nations that are trying to colonize Brazil and exploit its resources.

Bolsenario did not take lightly that Biden in his first debate with President Donald Trump that he will tank the Brazilian economy.

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Biden’s plan is to get to accept a $20 billion payment from his administration to be used for environmentalist policies. Otherwise, the U.S. will destroy Brazil’s economy.

“There was recently a great candidate to head of state said that if I don’t shut down the Amazon fires he is going to put up commercial barriers,” Bolsonaro said.

“How are we going to face that? Diplomacy alone is not enough. When the saliva runs out, you need gunpowder, otherwise it doesn’t work. We have the gunpower. They need to know we have it. That’s the .”

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“Nobody has what we have in mineral riches, biodiversity, agricultural fields. We have tourism areas, too, it’s a fortune,” Bolsonaro continued. “We have to strengthen , and how do we strengthen? Liberating the economy, a free market.”

In the debate in September, Biden had said he will ask countries around the world to come up with $20 billion to prevent rainforests in Brazil from being town down.

“I would be gathering up and making sure we had the countries of the world coming up with $20 billion, and say, ‘Here’s $20 billion. Stop, stop tearing down the . And if you don’t, then you’re going to have significant economic consequences.’”

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