British Airways

British Airways recently announced that it would be reviving its Club World dining service on long-haul flights. The service which had to be simplified due to the pandemic earlier will now revert back to ostentatious, with each dish to be served individually in a multi-course menu.

Many airlines, in fact, have now reverted to the same but British Airways took slightly longer not so much due to safety but because of crew shortages as flights do not have the same number of flight attendants as before.

Since December 2020, British Airways has been serving similar quality food, but all on a single tray so you would get an appetizer, main course and dessert all at the same time. The airline also served boxed meals for several months before that.

This fine-dining presentation will offer an array of dining options, including artichoke and Parmesan soup with rye croutons and warm Apple strudel topped with vanilla sauce during winter.

The menu changes seasonally but will feature ingredients that are essentially source from Britain.

The dining service does have its drawbacks especially if all a particular traveler wants to do is sleep. So bearing that in mind there will also be an express meal service on evening flights with everything on one tray so you can finish up and rest.

In a Robb Report interview British Airways head of onboard experience Sajida Ismail said, “It’s incredibly important that when we brought our full service back, it exceeded our customers’ expectations.

We have taken time to ensure we are offering a premium brasserie-style dining experience that not only tastes good but one that our crew feels confident in delivering.”

The airline isn’t just improving its menu in the sky but is also revamping its Club World check-in zone at terminal five of London’s Heathrow Airport. The Club Suite business class seat will be available across the airline’s Boeing 777 fleet, and will also be installed on its new fleet of Airbus A350 planes. The same planes will also host it first class suites with closing doors.

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