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“Brown Girls Do It Too” BBC’s podcast on Asian women and sex

The three hosts of the show are all committed to inspiring young women to talk openly about sex without feeling ashamed or restricted by cultural expectations




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While in Malaysia a Malay woman reported her foreign partner to the Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor or JAIS for removing his condom during intercourse, in the UK, the is making an effort to emancipate Asian on sexuality.

The British broadcaster launched a new podcast aimed at opening up conversations surrounding sex among British Asian women.

The debut of “Brown Girls Do Too” is hosted by Poppy Jay, Roya Eslami and Rubina Pabani. They are all committed to inspiring young women to talk openly about sex without feeling ashamed or restricted by cultural expectations, reports The Independent UK.

Using the subhead, ‘Women have been silenced for so long about sex’, the paper says the podcast takes a no holds barred approach to its subject matter.

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The episodes will talk about masturbation, virginity and orgasms and the women of diverse mix backgrounds will host the show, breaking taboos in the process.

Jay’s family is British-Bangladeshi, Pabani’s parents are from East Africa and Eslami’s mother and father are both Iranian and they are launching the podcast hoping they will tackle some of the taboos about female sexuality in their respective cultures.

Listen to the Podcast here: Brown Girls Do It Too

On the BBC portal, the page hosting the podcast says: “For most Asian girls, openly chatting about sex is firmly off limits. Enter Poppy, Rubina and Roya.”

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The podcast is from the BBC Asian Network and it says it contains some strong language and explicit sexual scenes.

It starts with Roya saying ‘Hi, I am Brown and I like to have sex.” Then Poppy comes into action saying “I am quite brown and I like it (unclear whether white or wank)…”, while Rubina says she could be the brownest and likes it both.

“This trio don’t hold back in lol’ing through their sexual adventures and feelings about cultural expectations. So throw away the shame, hop between the sheets, and settle in for some brutally honest conversation and funny revelations. Come on people – its 2019. Brown Girls Do It Too!,” says the host. -/TISG

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