EntertainmentCelebrityBTS to be featured in one of 23 commemorative Korean national stamps

BTS to be featured in one of 23 commemorative Korean national stamps

Come 2023, BTS will be featured in one of 23 commemorative Korean national stamps. Korea Post (the national postal service of South Korea) revealed on December 14, its list of 23 special edition stamps which will be launched next year to commemorate 2023.


National Stamps

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National stamps represent and honour key cultural figures, events and monuments in many countries including South Korea.

The selection of figures, events, or locations for each year’s special edition stamps is headed by a committee representing various fields in the arts.

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Although the exact design of the new BTS stamp has yet to be confirmed, the Korea Post announced, “BTS are globally considered 21st century pop icons, who touched the lives of those around the world with their music and lyrics.”

Some other 2023 special edition stamps include Pororo, ‘The Beautiful Korean Language’, honey bees, and more.

The commemorative stamp issuance plan is deliberated and selected by the Stamp Issuance Deliberation Committee, which is composed of university professors and other experts.

BTS Stamps

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The theme for BTS commemorative stamps that are issued in the first half of next year would be ‘Record of Youth’.

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The specific stamp design will be decided in consultation with HYBE, the agency. Pororo was first aired in 2003 and has become a representative character in Korea, contains the meaning of gratitude and celebration for love around the world.

There are beautiful Korean ones to promote the importance of Hangeul, unfamiliar but beautiful vegetable flowers, and bees that play an important role in the ecosystem.

Other than that, stamps of figures such as the 100th anniversary of Dr. Kim Sang Ok’s martyrdom, the 200th anniversary of Fabre’s birth, and foreigners who devoted themselves to Korea’s independence will be issued.

Entrance Exams

We are also reviewing the issuance of postage collaterals to wish for great success in the 2023 college entrance exam.

Son Seung Hyeon, head of Korea Post’s Headquarters, said, “Postage stamps are a means to represent Korea’s precious culture beyond their meaning as proof of payment. We will actively work to promote Korea’s representative culture through commemorative stamps.”

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