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BTS’ Suga thanked J-Hope on Twitter for his support

J-Hope sent Suga a coffee and churros truck and he also went to the filming set to encourage Suga.




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K-pop band member Suga thanked his fellow member J-Hope on for showing him support. Suga has made a comeback as Agust D. He uploaded pictures from the set of his music video Daechwita. The caption gratitude for the coffee truck sent to him by J-Hope. J-Hope sent Suga a coffee and churros truck and he also went to the filming set to encourage Suga. Suga and J-Hope were seen in a picture together in front of the truck with band members Jungkook and . One picture showed Suga posing with a cup of coffee. Jungkook and made cameo appearances in the Daechwita music video.

Agust D released his much-awaited second mixtape D-2 on 22 May together with the music video for Daechwita. Actor appeared in the video shared that J-Hope sent Suga a coffee and churros truck. He posted pictures of the truck on and said she he had to keep the post private as was confidential. He added that he had to be patient in order to keep Agust D’s comeback a secret. Now that the post is public, he asked people to listen to Daechwita.

The truck was decorated with a fun banner saying that came to boost his ‘brother’s confidence followed by words of encouragement in Korean. Another banner read coffee truck repeatedly and a message to ‘eat all’. There was a picture of a cup and churros wrapper with a picture of Suga on with a message in Korean.

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According to An Jae Hyuk he did not want to reveal details about the music video before it was launched so he made the post public on 23 May even though the post was dated earlier. The actor also shared that he misplaced his phone and lost the picture of the coffee truck. He said that if he deleted his Instagram picture, he thought his memories would disappear so he kept it private but when the music video was released, he made the post public. /TISG

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