EntertainmentBTS’s Jungkook starts 2022 by breaking Guinness World Record

BTS’s Jungkook starts 2022 by breaking Guinness World Record

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Seoul – What a way to start the new year!  Jungkook’s Facebook page reveals that BTS’ youngest member has broken the world record for the fastest Instagram post to reach a million likes.

Jungkook managed it in just two minutes.

His first Instagram post in 2022 showed the star in a beach sunset scene welcoming the new year.

His caption reads: “The year ends so quickly and it’s a new year. Thanks to many people that I was able to spend this year happily and steadily without my body and my mind. I was so grateful and you all worked so hard. Let’s not get sick and be happy. Apobangpo (ARMY forever Bantan forever)”

Jungkook also posted a photo of himself with his two Italian greyhounds, Song and Paeng. He also has Bam, a Doberman, who isn’t in the picture. That doggie post garnered 10 million likes. Woof! Woof!

Photo: Instagram screengrab/abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz

Wionews  reports that fellow BTS member V broke the record for the fastest Instagram profile to reach one million followers. That took 43 minutes.  V who currently has 30 million followers, also holds the record for being the fastest to get 10 million followers. That feat was accomplished  within 4 hours and 52 minutes of his debut on Dec 6 last year.

V overtook Jennifer Aniston, Taeil Moon of NCT and Rupert Grint with his Instagram records.

On Instagram, Jungkook has 28.3 million followers and counting. He also trended at #1 and #9 worldwide after he posted his boxing video on Instagram and hit #2 in the US.

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So here’s the downer.  Three of BTS’ seven members tested positive for COVID-19 recently upon returning from their concert tour. RM, Suga and Jin was down with COVID-19 in December. All have since recovered.

The moral of the story may be that when you go viral, well, you may really go viral. /TISG

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