Camila Cabello is in a happy relationship with Shawn Mendes

The singer then went on to explain that her forthcoming album, titled, Romance, is exactly what its name reads.

Singer Camila Cabello gushed about how happy she is in an interview discussing her romance with Shawn Mendes. The singer also teased her new album, Romance and revealed that it was inspired by her first serious relationship.

Camila Cabello is in a great place in both her personal life and professional career.

The 22-year-old Shameless was all smiling while discussing her relationship with boyfriend 21-year-old Shawn Mendes in a new interview on 7 October.

“I’m so happy. I’ve known him for such a long time and I don’t know, he just feels like home to me. Yeah, I’m really happy,” Camila told ITV’s Lorraine in a candid sit-down, published on Monday.

The Cuban-American singer went on to explain how her career delayed her from falling in love before the age of 20.

“I literally did not have time… because I was just working all the time,” she said, adding that everything from her first solo album, Camila, was drawn merely from her imagination. “I was single for basically, 20 years,” she admitted.

The singer then went on to explain that her forthcoming album, titled, Romance, is exactly what its name reads.

“It was inspired by… I was in my first serious relationship at the beginning of this album,” Camila said, referencing her relationship with Shawn.

“That’s what inspired ‘Romance’ and it is about falling in love. All the stories are just my life and what’s happened in the last two years.” The singer’s admission came just a few days after she revealed in a separate interview that she loves Shawn.

The pair first sparked romance rumours after the sultry music video for their latest collaboration, “Señorita”, dropped on 25 June.

In the video, both singers play lovers who are immersed in a sneaky and sexy love affair, where, in one scene, they can’t keep their hands off each other while kissing.

Not long after the video dropped, Camila and Shawn continued to fuel the romance rumours by stepping out on numerous, PDA-filled dates.

News of Camila’s breakup with her now ex-boyfriend, Matthew Hussey broke right around the time of the music video’s release.

The singers, who kept their relationship private in its early stages, have known each other for years. They’ve previously explained how their friendship blossomed through sharing similar experiences concerning fame, supporting each other and writing songs together. Shawn has even admitted that he’s met Camila’s family.