Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Camila Cabello says that her latest album Romance is about falling in...

Camila Cabello says that her latest album Romance is about falling in love

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22-year-old singer Camila Cabello is doing very well since joining girl band Fifth Harmony six years ago, going solo and then scoring hit records like Havana and duet Senorita with boyfriend Shawn Mendes.

Her new album called Romance launched ahead of a US tour is about falling in love says the singer.

Camila Cabello’s new album Romance is about falling in love. Picture: Instagram

The singer who dropped out of high school to pursue a career in singing said she didn’t have the normal upbringing of hanging out with friends and going on dates and being in school.

The Cuban-American singer said it is at 20, while making this album was the time that she really had the time to live life. This whole album is just about the intensity of being in a serious relationship for the first time.

Cabello’s and Mendes’ steamy live performances of Senorita have gone viral this year but Cabello wouldn’t speak on how many songs on Romance are about her relationship with the 21-year-old Canadian.

She said that she will never say ‘Oh that song’s about him’. She thinks that people will figure it out.

The singer has already racked up more than 60 awards in her brief career, including artist of the year at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

Cabello sees herself as a role model for immigrants to the US as she is born in Cuba to a Mexican father and Cuban mother. Cabello spent her early life between Havana and Mexico City before moving to Florida at age six.

The singer said she definitely feels the responsibility to share her story and share her family’s story because she thinks it’s important for people to humanise the issues.

In other news, Cabello recently said she had feelings for Shawn Mendes long before they started dating.

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